StraightWay Farm began in 2009 with our family of 7 just outside a small rural town in Ohio. 

We started with just a few cute little goats for pets and for the purpose of having milk for our family.

These days we have grown to over 40 of these sweet little caprines!

Several of our registered Nigerian Dwarf goats have won Grand Champion ribbons at shows and also milking awards too. 

We then started making goat milk soap for the benefit of having a more natural product to wash with. We soon discovered that this handmade natural product was excellent at improving dry, itchy skin.

Goat Milk soap has been known to help sooth skin conditions like Psoriasis and Eczema.

People who wash their hands frequently, such as doctors, nurses, teachers and farmers have discovered how amazing our soap is.

We now offer several other incredible bath and body products as well. 


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